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Marketing in its purest form

Welcome to Aura, Kitchener’s boldest outsourced sales and marketing firm. We take client representation to a whole new level. Our unique combination of seasoned industry experts, ambitious rising talent, and tried and tested marketing systems combine to guarantee world-class results for your brand.

Our Tried and Tested Systems

AURA merges the best of both worlds. The vigor and ambition of a start-up with world-class tried-and-tested marketing systems of a multinational. It is through this explosive combination that we plan on creating one of the most impressive client bases and management teams in the world of marketing. Our next goal is to be in 10 different markets around Canada and the United States within the next 12-18 months.

Our mission

In tandem with our marketing systems and approach, our mission is simple, replicable, scalable, and effective. To generate the highest quality customers for your brand and associate its name with excellent and personable customer service.

Our Impact

At the heart of our success lies not only metrics and systems but great people. It is through developing our industry leaders’ careers that the engine of our business functions.

Compelling, exciting, and to the point

We specialize in outsourced, face-to-face marketing. Why? Because it works. Marketing is a game of attention; every marketing campaign’s main focus, whether it be social media, traditional advertising, or in person, is attaining, maintaining, and directing attention. What better way to do so than through a friendly one-on-one conversation with an industry expert? We build emotion and trust through human interaction. That’s our edge.

Company Philosophy

Internal Mobility

If you want a job well done, do it yourself. As we grow our clients, we want every single one of our managers to be home-grown, have received quality professional training, and esoecially developed through our world-class management training program. This guarantees quality representation for our clients and competent individuals at the management level.

Equality of Opportunity

We commit to a more inclusive and merit-based approach to career growth and advancement. This aligns with our modern organizational trends that emphasize skills, performance, and potential over traditional notions of seniority. Every candidate at AURA has the same opportunity for growth and advancement, regardless of their age or how long they have been working.

Growth Based on Performance

As a company, we adhere to the believe that only true and genuine marker of competence is performance. We want to harness the true spirit of competition, teamwork, and self-overcoming that is channeled into our 100% performance-based system. This value guarantees that every team member has access to the same opportunity for progression and growth.